Zookeeper Feedbags

Let's say that you happen to have a giraffe.  Or maybe even a few giraffes.

And, you are looking for a better way to carry around those biscuits and other tasty snacks.

What you need is a customized zookeeper feed bag!

All feed bags are made of heavy fabric, and are lined on the interior with contrasting colors.

They have sturdy dual belt loops, plus a free mini-carabiner, making them easy to clip on a belt or pant loop.

Photo courtesy Sarah Louise Photography.

Each bag has custom embroidery.  Here is a close-up:

But wait, you ask.  "I don't have any giraffes.  I have warthogs.  And a panda."

Not a problem -- we have a wide range of animal designs. 


Also, depending on the size of the treats you carry, you may want a larger or smaller bag.  We can also make the feedbags in a variety of sizes:


We can even add your name, or the name of one of your animals:


Depending on your needs, we can use different fabrics as well.  Please email us for design ideas on building your custom feed bag.