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Q: Can I supply my own fabric?

A: Yes. Please inquire before you purchase fabric, so we can tell you how much you need. Bags are the same price.

Q: How do you price custom bags?

A: Each of the basic bag styles starts at $20.  Any embroidery costs another $5, and lettering (initials, monogram, names, etc) costs $2.50. 

So, for example, the tree frog bag shown below is $27.50: $20 for the bag, $5 for the frog embroidery, and $2.50 for the lettering.

Q: If I want something that isn't shown, can I get it?

A: You can mix and match different fabrics, embroidery patterns, and bag shapes.

Q: What about a custom image?

A: I am unable to take a graphic -- such as a JPEG file or a photograph-- and convert it to an embroidery pattern.

Q: How much is shipping and handling?

A: Shipping and handling is five dollars within the US for each bag.  So, shipping for one bag is $5, two bags are $10.

Q: Can you handle international orders?

A: Yes!  We have sent bags to several countries in Europe, and as far away as New Zealand.  Please ask for a quote for international shipping.

Q: Can I get a belt instead of a carabiner?

A: For an extra $2.50 you can get a belt which complements your chalkbag.  We use 1/2" or 9/16" colored webbing and a quick release buckle.

Q: I like to clean my holds.  Can I get a toothbrush holder?  If so, what does it cost?

A: A toothbrush holder can be added for free.  For Celestial series bags, the holder loop will be sewn on the outer corner seam.  For Surf series bags, the seam is moved from the back to the side of the bag, and the holder loop sewn on the side seam.

Q: In a chalk pot can I get more than 2 fabrics?

A: Yes, you can have up to four fabrics.

Q: How are your chalkbags made?

A: Most of the bags are cotton exterior, with some made of Chinese silk, or other materials, like fur or flannel. The inside of the bag is made with berber fleece, which has a deep texture to get a better coating of chalk. Finally, they are topped with two inch webbing for a sturdy opening.

Our older bags used a single loop to clip into your belt or harness.  All of our current bags now use the double loops as seen on the Batman bag shown here.

Q: How quickly will I receive my chalkbag?

A: It usually takes about 14-21 days to process your order, plus shipping time. Once your order is completed, you will receive a confirmation email and tracking number via email.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Paypal is our preferred method. For payment by check, check must clear before bag is shipped.

Q: I would like to order a chalkbag as a holiday present.  How quickly can I get it?

A: Since each bag is made to order, it typically takes about two weeks to lay out and assemble your bag. For Christmas orders, I try to get everything out by December 15 due to the high volume of seasonal mail.  So, a Christmas order should be made by December 1.  If it is past December first and you have decided that you are desperately in need of one of my chalkbags, and you have two options: First, you can upgrade to express shipping.  Second, for an extra fee, I can expedite the design and assembly for your bag.  Please contact me for specifics.