Want to make sure that no one at the gym or the crag has a bag like yours?  A custom-designed handmade chalkbag is bound to be unique!  Here are some ways to make your bag one-of-a-kind:

* Pick out your own fabric

* Add a name, initials, or monogram

While I have a wide variety of embroidery patterns to choose from, I am not able to take an image (such as a photo or JPEG file, and convert that to an embroidery.

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Monogram, front panel

If you worked at the zoo, and had three elephants, you might order a bag like this one!

Initials, side panel


Nickname written on side panel.

The owner of this bag is nicknamed 'pink panther'.  If you have an iron-on patch, we can add it to your bag.

These matching bags were made with Chinese silks, and each of the owner's names embroidered on the side panels.



Dipper style bag, with panda embroidery and name on front

This is a grommet style bag, with an embroidered tree frog and owner's initials.


Pooh on front, tigger on back, and initials on side panel

This is a Big Dipper bag, with a velociraptor and custom text.


Matching chalkbag and shoebag with custom embroidery on the shoebag.


This bag is made of imported silk, with Chinese characters on the front and back panels.  The customer hand picked the red silk on the side panels to match the color of the lettering, and the owner's name was embroidered on the bottom.


Here is another example of an iron-on patch.